During the production of our album Endlings, we approached one of our favorite illustrators, Asakura Kouhei, to see if he would be willing to create an original piece of artwork for our project. We told him about our album's concept and how we wanted to incorporate Endlings (the last individual of a species) into the artwork and we were overjoyed when he agreed to be a part of the project.

Kouhei created one of the most beautiful NON-DIGITAL art pieces we've ever seen for an album cover. He used oil paints, watercolors, and colored pencil. He mixed the paints, stretched the canvas, and made the frame himself! He also filmed the whole process (over 90Gigs of footage) which we were able to edit down and speed up into a 5 minute video that you can see below. In the piece he incorporated "Benjamin"(the very last Tasmanian tiger) as well as the California Golden Bear, the Paradise parrot, Bluebuck, and the Moa. All creatures that have now gone extinct. Please check out the artists website for more of his beautiful work! www.asakurakouhei.com