Golden Bear Studio is owned and operated by The Well Pennies and located in Des Moines, IA. The studio features two tracking rooms, worldclass gear and microphones, a bunk room that sleeps 4, full kitchen, private full bathroom and lounge.

Studio Gear
Apogee Symphony Mk II I/O System
AMS Neve 1073 Preamps
AKG K701 Headphones
Blue Microphone Endorsed Studio - Cactus
Neumann & Magnepan Monitoring
Presonus Central Station Monitor Control & Talkback
Switchcraft Patchbay for personal gear

Deering Maple Blossom
Gibson J-45
Gibson J-50
Guild Mark III
Ludwig Custom Classic Maple
Korg SV-1
Aerosonic Spinette Piano

Clients Include
ABC Family
Community Music
Beatles Reimagined
Flake Records
The Well Pennies

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