Endlings - CD


Endlings - CD


The debut LP from The Well Pennies, released on January 27th, 2015. 

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In 1936, a Tasmanian Tiger died in the Hobart Zoo.  He was the very last one…an endling.
These songs explore this topic of extinction and how it relates to all aspects of life. Not only are the environment and animals endangered in this day and age; hope, human connection and artistry are becoming more of a rarity. And if we don’t value the things that are most important to us, they will become harder and harder to find.

Worldshaker - A song about change
Drive - A song about love
Wide Open Sky -A song about finding beauty in everything
The Flying Machine - A song about faith
Kill The Darlings - A song about letting go
The Echo & The Shadow - A benediction
Spark -A song about movement
Strange Chemistry -A song about technology
Benjamin - A song about saying good-bye
Sightings - A song about hope
The Endling - A song about the beginning & the end

The Well Pennies are Bryan Vanderpool & Sarah Vanderpool
All songs written by Bryan Vanderpool & Sarah Vanderpool
Copyright 2014 Nordic Portik Publishing (ASCAP) All rights reserved

Produced & Curated by The Well Pennies
Engineered by Tony Green
Recorded at Ear Gallery Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Michael Woodrum - Soundmoves Studio, Burbank, CA
Mastered by Nathan James - Vault Mastering Studio, Phoenix, AZ
Bryan Vanderpool: vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, percussion
Sarah Vanderpool: vocals, wurlitzer, piano, accordion
Tony Green: upright bass
Tim Weed: violin, viola
Jesse Ahmann: cello (tracks 4, 10)
Kevin Brown: drumset (tracks 3, 5, 8)
Additional voices on “Wide Open Sky”: Vance Anderson, Johnny Caswell,
Susan Green, Tony Green, Andrea Krummel, Tim Weed
Handclaps: Bryan, Sarah, Tony, Vance
Original Album Art: Asakura Kouhei
Additional artwork and design: Sean Krummel
Executive Producer: Vance Anderson
Management: Vance Anderson Management

The Well Pennies would like to thank: Vance Anderson, Tony Green, and Tim Weed for your continued support, hard work and amazing contribution to this record. Mike Huckler & Blue Microphones, Deering Banjos, Jesse Ahmann, Kevin Brown, Johnny Caswell, Marcia Garcia, Susan Green, Nathan James, Asakura Kouhei, Andrea Krummel, Sean Krummel, Michael Marks, Peter Moyes, David Studarus, Laura Studarus, Sharon & Lily Weed, Michael Woodrum, our loving and supportive parents, family, friends and YOU!