T-shirt BUNDLE Pre-Order


T-shirt BUNDLE Pre-Order


We’ll do our best to get you this bundle on or before the release date (January 25th)! International shipping available too!


A murmuration is a flock of starlings that, in rare moments, create a ballet of changing patterns in the sky. You take an otherwise unremarkable bird, and just by doing what it instinctively is designed to do, becomes part of a miracle of nature. We are enough, just by being the people we were born to be.  We all play a part in this life and each role is important.  We do not serve the world or ourselves by striving to be something we are not, or twisting ourselves to become something we would prefer over who we really are.  Contentment, peace and joy come when we embrace our true selves.  And by living into this, imagine all the beauty and good that we can create together.

Track listing:

Ooh La La
Oh My Blue Sky
My Morning Star
The Wonderkind
If Anyone Breaks My Heart
Nobody Loves Me Like You
When I Was The Ocean & You Were The Moon
The River
Wedding Song
If You Were Mine
The Starling


Hand screen printed in Colorado using discharge inks! The Well Pennies logo is an image of the very last Tasmanian Tiger, Benjamin, who died in the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania in 1936. Benjamin and his story inspired the concept behind The Well Pennies album "Endlings" which explores the topic on extinction and how it relates to all aspects of life. The logo and album art designed by Asakura Kouhei.

•American Apparel Tri-Blend Track Shirt
•Made in the USA - Sweatshop Free!
•Manufactured with the Least Impact on the Environment

Please check the size chart before ordering...

Small - Chest (34-36in) Waist (30-32in)
Medium - Chest (38-40in) Waist (32-33in)
Large - Chest (42-44in) Waist (33-34in)
XLarge - Chest (46-48in) Waist (36-38in)
XXLarge - Chest (48-50in) Waist (40-42in)


We'll send you 6 TWP Endlings stickers to vandalize your local cafe, telephone poles, and your neighbor's car! Bonus points if you send us pictures!

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